by Stephen Lazarus



Having a world-wide collection of over 200 species (many very rare) allows me many options.

I like to combine woods of varying colors to create unusual, eye-catching patterns with unusual geometry.

Oftentimes, I stick to one species because of an unusual, striking color/grain combination.

My goal is always the same….to show the world something of interest and beauty it has never seen before.

The finish on your piece should last a long time.

The original luster is best restored by buffing with carnauba wax.

I do not recommend getting the pieces wet.

The pieces should not be kept in direct sunlight.

The wine bottle stoppers should never be kept in a wine cooler or refrigerator.



Although I occasionally use a lacquer coating, most of my pieces are finished by buffing on muslin cloth wheels and mops. The buffing begins with Brown Tripoli buffing compound followed by White Diamond compound. This process removes any minute scratches produced by sandpaper abrasives. The pieces are then finalized by buffing with 8-10 coats of carnauba wax (the hardest of natural waxes and practically insoluble in water). I still advise not to get the pieces wet.